Short Construction Time

• Typically precast units equivalent to one month’s production are cast in advance prior to the start of erection. This buffer stock will guarantee fast, efficient and uninterrupted erection at site.
• Usually the precast erection cycle time is faster than time required in cast-in-place methods.
• As the result the total construction time in precast projects is faster than in cast-in-place projects.

High Quality

• KPC has the concrete laboratory, where various structural and architectural concrete design mixes can be tested in advance and during the production to ensure targeted result.
• The Quality Assurance System covers the control of design, material, work in progress and completed products.


• The design strength of concrete in precast units is higher than in cast-in place structures hence adding to the durability.
• In precast factory the cover of reinforcement steel is easier to control than in the site conditions.
• Precast structures with high quality concrete and well protected reinforcement have a long lifespan in extreme conditions.





• Precast concrete system can be used for residential, commercial, industrial and many other types of buildings and structures.
• Any building shape is feasible for precast concrete structures.
• The use of pre-stressed concrete hollow core slabs and beams facilitates large column-free space and consequently more flexibility in layout design.


• KPC architectural panels are cast against high quality steel mould. As the result the surface of the panel is straight, flat and flawless.
• KPC can offer a variety of colored and textured concrete surfaces.
• The exterior features of the building can be enhanced with ribs, reveals, chamfers or cast against various types of form liners.


• Shorter construction time results in savings in main contractors’ overheads and financing cost.
• High quality, durability, flexibility, and aesthetics will result in less maintenance cost and long lifespan of the building.







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