KPC is committed to produce quality products, foster safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere in all phases of operation and be reliable partner for realization of your project potential.

KPC offers the full advantage of precast concrete solution in its products which provide the following benefits to designers, contractors and owners:

Quality Management System

Quality Management System consisting of controlled manufacturing environment, material testing and control of raw material along with pre- & post-pour inspection.

Advanced Production Technique

Advanced Production Technique owing to modern casting machinery resulting in accelerated and controlled curing, reliable production process and dependable delivery schedule.

Competitive Precast Pricing

Competitive Precast Pricing along with potential savings at site in terms of shorter construction time, lower labor cost and reduced exposure to weather.


Versatility in form, shape, texture and finishes.

Decreased Activities at Site

Decreased Activities at Site resulting in:

  • Manageable and shorter construction schedule
  • Minimized site wastage