Concrete Mattresses

KPC & Pipeshield high quality products will suit the majority of installations, though if your site requires specialist protection then we will work with you to design and manufacture concrete mattresses that are exactly what you need.

Bi-Flex Concrete Mattresses are chosen for most pipeline cable and underwater protection and stabilization systems. They are typically 10% heavier than comparable products, which gives you greater stability.

The N2 High Performance Mattresses (patented design) has been developed to enhance edge lift stability making it ideal for higher velocity conditions.

It significantly reduces the chances of the mattress ‘rolling up’ and allows the use of standard density concrete where more expensive high density concrete would have to be used.

The Uni-Flex Concrete Mattress is a uni-directional flexing mattress made from reinforced concrete hexagonal ‘logs’ with provide both overweight to protect pipelines or act as a load spreading support.
It is ideal for load bearing in soft soils, is easily deployed utilizing polypropylene rope lifting loops by means of a conventional installation frame.