Hollowcore Slabs

With a fully automated ELEMATIC production line (Finland Technology), our Hollowcore Slabs is produced. This construction solution which was developed in Europe as dependable, lightweight and cost-effective flooring system for most building types.

Our experienced and innovative design team is ready to develop in cooperation with the consultant and the main contractor alternative flooring solutions using Hollowcore slabs for any size of projects.

KPC Hollowcore Slabs produced in a range of thickness to be used in any type of projects (Hospitals, Carparks, Schools … etc.) and can be used for long spans (Up to 16 lm):

  • HCS 150 mm
  • HCS 200 mm
  • HCS 265 mm
  • HCS 320 mm
  • HCS 400 mm
  • HCS 500 mm