Wall Panel Products

Give your project the feel of beautiful concrete of KPC Wall Claddings manufactured by KPC. KPC – one of the Kingdom’s leading producers of quality architectural and structural wall claddings. KPC Wall Claddings are available in:

  • Architectural Finishes: Formliners, Sandblasted, Wash-out, Acid-etched, Painted, etc.
  • Plain Concrete Finish

In addition to:

  • Solid Panels
  • Sandwich Panels
  • Load-Bearing or Non-Load Bearing and Partitions

KPC Wall Panels are manufactured in our Wall Panel Plant using advanced casting and curing Semi-Automated machinery, which made in Germany by EBAWE.
Moulds are either standard or customized, depending on design requirements. Our experienced Production Team handles the entire manufacturing process following strict quality and safety measures of our Integrated Management System (IMS).